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Three sisters are hurled back in time with the unexpected arrival
of their estranged father. Inspired by King Lear, Ikebana flower arranging,
quantum multi-verse theory and piano prodigies, the play is a playful,
poignant and piercing look into the nature of memory.

Late Shakespearean tragedy meets Alzheimer's disease and quantum physics in Rosa Labordé's complex play,
a sort of modern-day spin on King Lear…Labordé reveals her characters, their history and dynamics with remarkable
skill and grace. This is a riveting, moving piece of theatre that should not be missed. 

Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine NNNNN

Rosa Laborde’s True takes the question of deteriorating memories into more metaphysical territory.
It is a tightly woven, highly emotional one-act play filled with humour and heartbreak...
And one hopes it ends up in theatres across the country.

J. Kelly Nestruck, Globe & Mail ★★★1/2

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