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Year of the Rat

Unfolding and intertwining in unexpected ways, Year of the Rat follows
four characters as their relationships with their homes, and with themselves,
is forever changed by an ongoing global confinement.


Streamed live from each playwrights’ own home, Year of the Rat blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction, taking audiences behind closed doors
for a live glimpse into how four peoples’ lives were upended in 2020…
the year of the rat.


“an eclectic and fascinating theatre-film hybrid”


“Year of the Rat’ is funny, sensitive, provoking, cathartic, and theatrical’

- Inside Looking In


“Terrific in so many ways. Funny, insightful and deeply moving."

- Slotkin Letter


“The distinct voices of these artists compliment each other.”

- Istvan Dugalin

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