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is the story of Davina (Kim Cattrall), a woman of a certain age and her long-time husband Al (Don McKellar), who have sold their comfortable family home and moved downtown to an ultra-modern condo, in a transitional neighbourhood,
in a conscious effort to change their lives, keep relevant, and begin again. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens. 

Based on the original British version starring Joanna Lumley (ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS), SENSITIVE SKIN stars Golden Globe® Award-winner and Emmy® Award-nominee Kim Cattrall (SEX AND THE CITY), Genie and Tony Award®-winner Don McKellar (Blindness, SLINGS & ARROWS) as the show’s lead characters
Davina and Al, respectively. The series also stars Academy Award®-nominee
Elliott Gould (M*A*S*H, FRIENDS, RAY DONOVAN) as Al’s opportunistic
physician. This new adaption is written by Bob Martin

Kim Cattrall shines in Sensitive Skin:  a comedy remake that is sharp, moody, shiny and new.

 Globe & Mail

Sensitive Skin

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